The products that you make are beautiful and well made, but do they sell? In Designing Products that Sell, you’ll apply design-thinking techniques to your creative products.  You’ll identify your customers, understand their needs, and develop compelling value propositions to help you connect them to your products. You may not change what you make, but you will change how you sell it.

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James Szuch

Your Instructor

James Szuch is passionate about helping creatives unlock the business potential of their creative endeavors. Through classes, workshops, and coaching, he is dedicated to ensuring that creatives have the knowledge and skills to shape their businesses to meet their financial, personal, and creative goals.

James has been teaching business and entrepreneurship in graduate and undergraduate programs for over a decade. He currently teaches entrepreneurship at the O’More School of Design at Belmont University. James has also worked with organizations like the Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville, the Nashville Fashion Alliance, and Fort Houston to deliver business education programs to artists and creative makers.

Fort Houston

Your Venue

Fort Houston is an interdisciplinary workspace for makers of all media, offering its participants and attendees the opportunity to discover their creative potential and thereby facilitating the enrichment of Nashville’s artistic community. Educational art courses, individual and shared studio spaces, creative branding and management; all of these components and more come together under the collective vision of Fort Houston, with the aim of continuing the exponential growth of Nashville’s creative enterprises.

In 2018, Fort Houston established the Fort Houston Artisan Support Project, in order to further extend these objectives. Encompassing both our maker space and contemporary art gallery, the non-profit will focus on expanding the educational outreach and exhibitive potential of Fort Houston.


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