Announcing….the Creative’s Business Accelerator @ Fort Houston!

Creative's Business Accelerator @ Fort Houston

I’m incredibly excited to announce a new partnership and a new program aimed at helping creative makers unlock the business potential of their creativity!

I’ve teamed up with the folks at Fort Houston’s Artisan Support Project to launch The Creative’s Business Accelerator @ Fort Houston. This unique program consists of a collection of nine monthly workshops on topics critical to building a successful creative business. These workshops are educational, impactful, and fun experiences that bring knowledge and skills to a small and committed group of creative entrepreneurs. You will be fully involved in the learning process through group discussions, activities & exercises, and opportunities to practice applying the concepts. You’ll apply the concepts to your business and address what you need to be successful.

Workshop topics include business planning, finance, marketing, starting a business and more. The workshops are affordably priced and early bird discounts are available. Registrants can also bundle in an hour of 1-on-1 coaching with their registration for an additional fee. Attend all the workshops in the series or choose only the ones that address your specific needs. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be on the way to unlock the business potential of your creative endeavors.

I’ve chosen to partner on these workshops with Fort Houston’s Artisan Support Project. Fort Houston is Nashville’s premier maker space and offers an interdisciplinary workspace for makers of all media. In 2018, Fort Houston established the Artisan Support Project, a non-profit that expands their educational outreach and helps Nashville’s artistic community discover and expand on their creative potential.

So if you’re an artist, designer, or creative maker and you want to succeed in your business, please check out the link below for more information.

Creative’s Business Accelerator @ Fort Houston

I’m heading to Belmont University!

Belmont University Building 2

When, in February of this year, I learned that O’More College of Design was merging with Belmont University, I experienced mixed emotions. On the one hand, I knew that the school that I loved would cease to exist in its current form and that brought a degree of sadness. On the other hand, I knew that by merging with Belmont, O’More would be able to continue to deliver a quality and unique educational experience for fashion and design students in Nashville. More importantly, the combination of these two schools would create new and compelling opportunities for the new merged student body.

Today, I’m incredibly excited to announce that I will be joining the faculty of Belmont University where I will be teaching entrepreneurship at the O’More School of Design. This fall I’ll be teaching Monetizing Design, the advanced entrepreneurship course that I’ve been teaching at O’More College of Design for the past three years. Monetizing Design is a seminar course that provides students with the opportunity to develop a business plan for a new design venture.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with O’More’s students and faculty as we transition into the Belmont community. I’m also very excited about joining the broader Belmont community in fashioning a community that supports the growth of the students as well as Nashville’s broader creative economy.


Christiana Afotey Making a Difference With Threads by Dreads

I love a success story, and there is much to love about Christiana Afotey and her company, Threads by Dreads.

Christiana was a recent participant in the Embark program at Pathway Women’s Business Center here in Nashville. She joined other nascent business owners in a seven-week business planning course designed for entrepreneurs who are looking to clarify their value proposition and grow their business.

Follow the link below to learn more about Christiana, Threads by Dreads, and how the Pathway Women’s Business Center helps entrepreneurs like her.

Threads By Dreads

Nisolo CEO on Measuring Their Impact

One of the things that impress me about creative makers is their desire to have a positive impact on the world. They don’t just want a successful business, they want a successful business makes a difference. In classes, workshops, or when working with individuals, I often bring up Nisolo as an example of how creative makers can do just that. This Nashville based shoe company is making a difference to the workers in their supply chain as well as making a profit. In this recent blog post, Nisolo CEO Patrick Woodyard talks not only about the impact that his company has, but on and why they work so hard to measure that impact.


I’m Writing for Live Laugh Love Nashville!

There is a lot to love about living in Nashville and that’s one of the reasons that I am pleased to announce that I’ve joined the writing staff of Live Laugh Love Nashville, a local blog that focuses on the best of what Nashville has to offer.  Created in 2016 by middle Tennessee native Tiffany Miller, Live Laugh Love Nashville is a passion for all of us involved as we share what love about living in Nashville with thousands of readers.

I am one of two writers of the Small Business Saturday feature, which profiles small businesses in the Nashville area. My partner Heather Clift and I not only cover what these businesses have to offer but also help our readers get to know the people behind the businesses. I’m very excited about being part of the Live Love Laugh Nashville team and having opportunity to learn more about local businesses, getting to know the varied entrepreneurs behind them, and sharing them with our readers.In addition to our coverage of the small business community, Live Laugh Love Nashville also provides unique coverage of our  music scene, wellness, and highlights local events.

Live Laugh Love Nashville has been on a Summer break for restructuring and will begin publishing again on Monday, September 11th. You can find us at or on FaceBook at:

Wherever you find us, keep your eyes open for our relaunch and let us know what you think about us and about Nashville.