In each presentation, I fuse my personal experiences educating, coaching, and working in entrepreneurial communities with humor to create an engaging experience that provides valuable knowledge that creatives can put into action right away.

All too often speakers provide a lot of value, but the delivery is lacking. I’m truly passionate about helping business leaders thrive and ensures that my passion and excitement shine through in every speaking engagement. Using humor, storytelling, and energy, I engages the audience and makes complex topics feel relatable and digestible. You can be confident knowing that I  will be 100 percent present and ready to liven even the toughest of crowds with applicable wisdom, tools, and knowledge that they can begin using the second they leave the room.

What will your audience gain?

Applicable Skills

All of the presentations ensure that each audience member will walk away with skills they can begin applying right away. My goal is to not only leaders with innovative insight and knowledge, but to make everything actionable and applicable.

Tips to Overcome Challenges

Starting and growing a business is not easy by any means. Every entrepreneur and business leader has overcome challenges to reach success. I provide tools leaders need to approach challenges with confidence and tackle them head on.

Implementable Strategies

In addition to individual skills, at every speaking event, I include strategies that are implementable by each individual participant. A strategy lays out a future plan that ensures leaders can be successful in their business endeavors with a path to follow.

Relevant Business Insight

Generic business insight can be found anywhere. My insights comes from decades of experience and is tailored to the individual needs of business leaders looking to build better products and successful businesses delivery them. I focus on providing knowledge that can be easily digested and applied by leaders across every industry.

Speaking Topics

Because every group is at a different place and has a different set of needs, no presentation is one-size-fits-all. Each presentation is created by crafting a unique message that resonates with the needs of the particular audience. Below is a collection of topics that I’ve spoken on recently. I’ll work one-on-one with you develop a presentation that is right for your audience.

Reframing the Money Mindset

Transform and clarify the relationship between money and what you love doing. Learn from a collaborative dialogue about money, pricing, sales, and mindset.

Marketing Speak Explained: A Lexicon for Artists

Marketing fundamentals explained simply with immediate applications to help artists and creatives continue growing the business side of their work.

Effective Presentation Skills for Artists

How to think about, talk about, and formally present your art to potential clients and strategic partners.

Pricing Your Art

Discover the importance of pricing in a creative business, three approaches to setting your price, and how to effectively communicate your value.

Challenges of the Creative Entrepreneur

Traditional models of entrepreneurship broken down to explain what works for creative businesses and what does not. Then,. learn how to apply these entrepreneurial principles to your creative business.

The Creative’s Financial Plan

Understand the key elements of finance and accounting, how these elements apply to creative businesses, and the skills required to develop attainable financial goals.

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