James Szuch is passionate about empowering creatives to transform their creativity into successful, profitable businesses. In each presentation, James fuses his personal experiences educating, coaching, and working in communities of creatives with humor to create an engaging experience that provides valuable knowledge that creatives can put into action right away.

All too often speakers provide a lot of value, but the delivery is lacking. James is truly passionate about helping creatives thrive in their business pursuits, and ensures that his passion and excitement shine through in every speaking engagement. Using humor, storytelling, and energy, he engages the audience and makes complex topics feel relatable and digestible. When James shows up to speak at your next event, you can be confident knowing that he will be 100 percent present and ready to liven even the toughest of crowds with applicable wisdom, tools, and knowledge that they can begin using the second they leave the room.

Topics I Can Discuss

Because every group is at a different place and has a different set of needs, no presentation is one-size-fits-all. Each presentation is created by crafting a unique message that resonates with the needs of the particular audience. Below is a collection of topics that James has spoken on recently. Explore the various topics. James will work one-on-one with you develop a presentation that is right for your audience.

Questions You Can Ask