In this week's small business feature at Live Love Laugh Nashville, I got to pay a visit to Mill Creek Brewing Co. and learn more about their beers, their history, and their positioning in the crowded craft beer market.


There is a lot to love about living in Nashville and that’s one of the reasons that I love writing for Live Laugh Love Nashville, a local blog that focuses on the best of what Nashville has to offer.  Created in 2016 by middle Tennessee native Tiffany Miller, Live Laugh Love Nashville is a passion for all of us involved as we share what love about living in Nashville with thousands of readers.

I am one of two writers of the Small Business Saturday feature, which profiles small businesses in the Nashville area, covering what these businesses have to offer and helping our readers get to know the people behind the businesses.  In addition to covering the small business community, Live Laugh Love Nashville also provides unique coverage of our music scene, wellness, and highlights local events.

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