Sludge: Is Your Product Making Your Customer’s Lives Harder not Easier?


Reading Time: 5 minutes I recently received a letter from a well-known subscription radio service for my car. The letter offers me a seriously discounted rate to renew my lapsed subscription. I won’t be renewing. Why not? The product performs exceptionally well, and the discount is significant. It’s not about the product itself. It’s about the sludge.

5 Reasons You Need A Business Plan for Your Creative Business

Business Planning

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you have a business plan for your creative business? Do you need a business plan for your creative business? Many most businesses rely on a business plan to secure a loan or attract investors. These probably aren’t activities you will undertake in your creative business. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be developing […]

Should Your Brand Take a Stand?

Take A Stand

Reading Time: 4 minutes Should your creative brand take a stand? I am confident you have a stand on many issues about which people are talking. But does your creative business have a stand on those issues? Should it? A new report by the PR firm Edelman, addresses that question, looking into the behaviors of “belief driven” consumers. This […]

Marketing Speak Explained: A Lexicon for Artists

Reading Time: 2 minutes   What is Marketing? Marketing, like any other profession, uses an extensive technical vocabulary. While that vocabulary makes it possible for marketing professionals to communicate quickly and effectively, it can create challenges people who aren’t marketers to understand. That vocabulary has also arisen through decades of application to large consumer products businesses and mapping those […]

The Seven Percent Solution

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the creative economy, the label “Made In America” is frequently an important element of the brand. The artists and artisans with whom I work, and who are making their art and their products in their studios or workshops, are definitely making in America. Most of the fashion brands with which I am involved proudly […]

Mary Mooney — Niche Marketing Wearable Art

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nashville visual artist and fashion entrepreneur Mary Mooney ( has found a number of unique ways to transform her art into accessories — providing people with the opportunity to wear her abstract images as well as grace their homes in a variety of ways. Recently Mary has also taken her art and her jewelry into new […]