When, in February of this year, I learned that O’More College of Design was merging with Belmont University, I experienced mixed emotions. On the one hand, I knew that the school that I loved would cease to exist in its current form and that brought a degree of sadness. On the other hand, I knew that by merging with Belmont, O’More would be able to continue to deliver a quality and unique educational experience for fashion and design students in Nashville. More importantly, the combination of these two schools would create new and compelling opportunities for the new merged student body.

Today, I'm incredibly excited to announce that I will be joining the faculty of Belmont University where I will be teaching entrepreneurship at the O'More School of Design. This fall I'll be teaching Monetizing Design, the advanced entrepreneurship course that I've been teaching at O'More College of Design for the past three years. Monetizing Design is a seminar course that provides students with the opportunity to develop a business plan for a new design venture.

I'm looking forward to continuing to work with O'More's students and faculty as we transition into the Belmont community. I'm also very excited about joining the broader Belmont community in fashioning a community that supports the growth of the students as well as Nashville’s broader creative economy.


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