James Szuch

James Szuch

James Szuch is a dynamic thinker, advisor and educator whose underlying mission is to help businesses leaders create businesses that thrive.

James started his professional career in technology, writing software that solved complex problems in a variety of industries. As he delivered those systems, he came to realize that technology alone wasn’t enough to solve critical business problems. Graduate school, where he earned both a law degree and an MBA, was the catalyst that let him shift from writing software to building products based on that software and delivering real value. During this time, James worked for and consulted with many organizations, including global professional services companies, small boutique firms, Fortune 100 companies, middle-market companies, small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits. 

As a consultant and business leader, James built successful businesses based on meaningful products that solve critical customer problems. He also shared his knowledge and skills with undergraduate and MBA students in entrepreneurship classes that focused on what it takes to win in markets that don’t attract venture capital or marquee investors from SharkTank. James’s transition from building software to building products that deliver actual value inspired him to help others create their business models based on those ‘lived and learned’ concepts. After all, the product is the heart and soul of a business and learning how to build products that matter, coupled with powerful execution, is the sure-fire path to secure a profitable, growth-driven future and build a business that thrives.

As a professional fueled by fueling others, nothing makes James happier than being able to help business owners succeed — no matter how they define success. He has a genuine passion for what he does and shows that by delivering actionable, strategic, innovative, and tailored support that unlocks the leadership potential of his clients. Because in the end, every business under the sun has what it takes to thrive with the right product and execution, and sometimes all it takes to achieve that is having another perspective to make it happen. 

Overall, James loves what he does and takes pride in being able to help leaders solve pressing issues and gain the traction they need to spearhead their sustainable growth journeys. However, when he’s not working, you can often find him doing photographing the many waterfalls in Tennessee, planing his next scuba diving adventure, or sharing his love of craft bourbon with anyone who will listen.