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the knowledge, skills, and tools that artists, designers, and creative makers need to succeed

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Business Planning
The Market

5 Reasons You Need A Business Plan for Your Creative Business

Do you have a business plan for your creative business? Do you need a business plan for your creative business? Many most businesses rely on a business plan to secure a loan or attract investors. These probably aren’t activities you will undertake in your creative business. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be developing

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The Toolkit

Four Types of Goals For Creative Businesses

As the calendar turns over, people often turn their thoughts to what they want to achieve in the new year. What do you want to achieve this year? What do you want to accomplish in your creative business this year? When I meet with a new client, I always start with a conversation about goals.

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Fort Houston

Announcing….the Creative’s Business Accelerator @ Fort Houston!

I’m incredibly excited to announce a new partnership and a new program aimed at helping creative makers unlock the business potential of their creativity! I’ve teamed up with the folks at Fort Houston’s Artisan Support Project to launch The Creative’s Business Accelerator @ Fort Houston. This unique program consists of a collection of nine monthly

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Take A Stand
The Market

Should Your Brand Take a Stand?

Should your creative brand take a stand? I am confident you have a stand on many issues about which people are talking. But does your creative business have a stand on those issues? Should it? A new report by the PR firm Edelman, addresses that question, looking into the behaviors of “belief driven” consumers. This

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Gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.


Turn your creative passion into a sustainable business.

Educating creatives on business is more than just sticking them in a business classroom. While all businesses share certain needs, creative businesses face their own unique challenges and creative’s are looking for answers to their problems.

Whether in an academic classroom, a workshop, or online, I work to bring those challenges to life and to provide real solutions to the problems that you face running a business driven by your creative efforts.

I’ve helped dozens of artists, makers, and other creative professionals build businesses that derive from their creative passions.

I focus on helping you determine your unique value, how to identify your ideal customer, and how to tell your story in a way that resonates with those customers.

If you’re ready to turn your creative passion into a business, contact me and we can discuss your needs.

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If you are ready to turn your creativity energies into a successful business, leave your contact information and I’ll get in touch shortly.