I work closely with a number of organizations that support creatives and their business endeavors. These collaborative efforts help us to provide the resources that strengthen the individuals who are the backbone of our creative economy.  

The Arts & Business Council leverages and unites the unique resources of the arts and business communities to create a thriving, sustainable creative culture in Nashville. Whether providing volunteer legal services for artists and arts organizations, conducting numerous educational workshops for the creative community, or through their flagship artist entrepreneur training program Periscope, the Arts & Business Council strengthens both the creative and business communities in the region.

I’ve worked closely with the Arts & Business council on a number of initiatives including Periscope.

If you are a creative in Nashville or want to learn more  about the creative economy and the many 


The Nashville Fashion Alliance  is a trade organization serving all of the  facets of the fashion community in the Nashville area. Their mission is to build the regional fashion industry by amplifying early stage fashion businesses with an ecosystem of support and resources. 

I’ve helped the NFA with a number of their educational programs including their fashion accelerator program. I have also worked directly with a number of NFA member brands.

If you are involved in the fashion industry or want to learn more about what fashion means to Nashville, you should get to know the Nashville Fashion Alliance and their many programs and services.


ArtCamp is a social and educational event which connects art lovers and makers in order to strengthen creative partnerships, improve sustainability, and further the community for artistic freedom in middle Tennessee. This annual, one-day event isn’t just for artists. Anyone who appreciates art and local artists, whether it be from a professional, hobbiest or enthusiast perspective will find something in the many sessions, panel-discussions, and hands-on workshops. 

I’ve been involved in ArtCamp since it’s inaugural year as attendee, presenter, or part of the team making the event possible. 

Follow the link below to learn more about this unique learning and networking opportunity.