James Szuch

Helping creative professionals turn their talent and passion into successful businesses.

James Szuch

Helping creative professionals turn their talent and passion into successful businesses.

Educating creatives on business is more than just sticking them in a business classroom. While all businesses share certain needs, creative businesses face their own unique challenges and creative's are looking for answers to their problems.

Whether in an academic classroom, a workshop, or online, I work to bring those challenges to life and to provide real solutions to the problems that you face running a business driven by your creative efforts.

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I’ve helped dozens of artists, makers, and other creative professionals build businesses that derive from their creative passions.

I focus on helping you determine your unique value, how to identify your ideal customer, and how to tell your story in a way that resonates with those customers.

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As an artist you don't work in a vacuum. You're part of a community of other creatives who provide support an collaboration and help each other to be successful.

I work closely with a number of organizations that support creatives and their business endeavors. These collaborative efforts help us to provide the resources that strengthen the individuals who are the backbone of our creative economy.  

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An Artist Guide to Pitching Your Art — (Part Two)

If you had someone’s attention for a few minutes and you wanted to get them interested in your art, what would you tell them? I recently posted the first in this series on pitching your art — being able to tell people what it is that you do and why what you do is different

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Reflections on the Reclamation

I had the opportunity to attend the Reclamation the other night. This event was a co-benefit for Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee and the Nashville Fashion Alliance. Odd as it may sound, the behemoth of retail thrift stores teamed up with the vanguard of the cutting edge fashion community to create an event that incorporated

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